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IPR is featuring some of the many women PR pioneers and modern-day heroes to celebrate Women’s History Month. Henrietta Lacks unknowingly made medical research history with the first immortalized human cell line. Unfortunately, her cells were donated without her consent and her case has spotlighted racial inequities and in this case, also a historical lack of … Continue reading Pioneer Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951)

IPR is featuring some of the many Black American pioneers and landmark events to celebrate Black History Month. Born in Atlanta, Texas on January 26, 1892, Bessie Coleman was the first African American and Native American female pilot. Her mother, Susan Coleman, was an African American maid, and her father George Coleman was a sharecropper of mixed Native … Continue reading Pioneer Bessie Coleman (1892-1926)

IPR has partnered with The Museum of Public Relations  during Women’s History Month to feature some of the many female pioneers who had a positive impact on the PR industry Ida Tarbell (1857-1944) was one of the leading muckrakers of the Gilded Age and was a pioneer of investigative journalism. Tarbell is best known for … Continue reading Pioneer: Ida Tarbell (1857-1944)