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The original study by Morning Consult can be found here

Morning Consult examined workers’ priorities, work preferences, and lifestyles. Researchers then separated workers into five distinct types, which provide insight into their values and preferred work environments.

A survey of 6,610 U.S. adults was conducted Jan. 21-25, 2022.

The five types include:

  • Minimalists do not prioritize a sense of meaning or pride in their career, and they are fairly satisfied with their jobs
    • Minimalists have the strongest preference for a hybrid work environment
  • Transactionalists view their professional lives as a quid pro quo.
    • Tend to be younger, part-time, and do not prioritize career growth
    • Tend to prefer in-person work
  • Aspirationalists see their careers as a means of making real impact on the world and are drawn to employers with strong cultures and lucrative career paths
  • Traditionalists see their job as a means of living and a source of some satisfaction.
    • Differ from transactionalists by reporting higher job satisfaction and longer tenure
    • Strongest preference for in-person work among all groups
  • Lifestylists work to support their personal priorities and hobbies
    • Care about work as both a means of providing and a source of benefits
      Strongest preference for remote work

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