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IPR hosts a series of free webinars each month, on a range of topics related to PR research and the future of the PR profession. Below are the IPR CDEI webinars focused on the mission of the CDEI o support, conduct, and promote research and insights relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace focused on six core populations: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, intersectionality, disabilities, and mental health

Previous Webinars:

Emerging Ethical Issues in Public Relations | September 17, 2020

In celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the [revised} PRSA Code of Ethics, scholars, and practitioners will gather together to discuss the emerging ethical issues in public relations. In collaboration with PRSA Educators Academy, AEJMC Media Ethics Division, and our generous host, Institute for Public Relations, we welcome Dr. Erica Ciszek from UT Austin, Nina Smith from PoliSol Public Affairs, and Dr. Nneka Logan from Virginia Tech for a conversation on what’s ahead for public relations in a very curious environment that we affectionately refer to as “the new normal.”


Achieving Intercultural Competence: What PR Leaders Have to Learn about D&I | September 17, 2020

Download Research Brief: Research Brief: Intercultural Competence
Download Presentation: Solutions – Intercultural Competence

Despite incremental efforts to increase training and education for leaders in the area of diversity and inclusion, there is little agreement across the industry about the core competencies needed by leaders to manage more diverse, globally astute organizations and communicate effectively with diverse publics.

What types of education or training resources do leaders in PR need to strengthen their competencies toward diversity and inclusion? Research supported by the Arthur W. Page Society opens a conversation for senior leaders to assess their assets and build the ideal competencies needed to effectively practice diversity and inclusion.

Mind the Gap: Increasing Women’s Leadership in PR | October 11, 2018

In this first part of a two-part study, KPMG and the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) conducted a series of focus groups with female and male executives and mid-level leaders in agencies and corporations to find out their views on mentorship, leadership, work-life integration, workplace policies, and their ascension to the top. Both groups gave solutions for how to boost women in leadership in the profession. The results may surprise you!

Millennials @ Work: Perspectives on Reputation, Diversity and Inclusion | June 15, 2017

Download Presentation:  IPR Webinar: Millennials @ Work: Perspectives on Reputation, Diversity and Inclusion

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Millennials now represent the largest generation in the work force (35%), and they will be leaders in organizations and in the public relations profession for several decades. It’s no secret that Millennials place importance on diversity and inclusion (D&I) when considering a new job. 47 percent of Millennials consider the D&I of a workplace an important criterion in their job search compared to 33 percent of Gen Xers and 37 percent of Boomers.

Reputation is another top priority for Millennials when it comes to their careers. They place a higher value on building and maintaining a positive digital presence as a reputation booster at work compared to the other generations. One in five Millennials believe both their work and social media reputations are equally important.

Join Chief Reputation Strategist of Weber Shandwick and IPR Trustee, Leslie Gaines-Ross, and IPR Director of Research, Dr. Sarab Kochhar, with Millennials Josh Ferrari and Maddi Messner as they discuss and analyze the stigma around this age group and what they really seek out of a workplace.

Industry Partner Webinars

The Museum of Public Relations | Webinar Archive

Thank you to our peers at the PR Museum for putting together these webinars and allowing us to also share them. The PR Museum  provides a historical review of the profession through a growing collection that chronicles the evolution of the field.

Below are a selection of a few recent webinar that feature the IPR CDEI core population areas: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Women and Intersectionality. You can find the full archive on the Museum of PR website here.

Previous Webinars:

Celebrating Latino PR History | September 24, 2020 Watch Here
The LGBTQ Experience in Public Relations | June 30, 2020
Watch Here
A Celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage | May 27, 2020 Watch Here
PR Women Who Changed History | March 12, 2020 Watch Here
Celebrating PR Black History | January 30, 2020 Watch Here


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