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COVID-19: How Businesses are Handling the Crisis
Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm
March 12, 2020
This survey of 300 communication executives and senior leaders determines how companies are faring in the COVID-19 pandemic, including what sources they trust, how prepared they are for the crisis and what their businesses are doing to fight against the disease and resulting panic. 

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Leading Communicators Offer Perspectives on COVID-19 Crisis Management
Rob Flaherty, Ketchum
March 20, 2020
This post was originally published on the Page Society blog.
Ketchum CCO Rob Flaherty moderated a Page Society discussion among 100 leading chief communications officers and agency leaders to discover how companies are and should be responding to COVID-19. This post summarizes the conversation.

Navigating COVID-19: A Briefing for Leaders
March 20, 2020
Orangefiery compiled data from various sources and developed a report on COVID-19 including a data briefing on the virus, best practices to minimize the spread, how companies can properly segment their audiences, and how to communicate best practices during this time of uncertainty.

Coronavirus: Corporate Leaders Grapple with Major Disruption by Putting Employees First
the gatekeepers (Waterman Hurst)
March 19, 2020
This survey of 51 gatekeepers℠—CEOs, C-level executives, talent executives, and C-level advisors within companies ranging from $100 million to $125 billion in annual revenue—finds out what they’re doing to stay focused through the biggest challenge of their leadership careers: tackling COVID-19.

Issue Brief on Coronavirus
Page Up
March 9, 2020
Page Up develops a briefing on current insights pertaining to COVID-19, including information on securing employees, countering misinformation, and answering ongoing questions during this time of uncertainty.

United States of Anxiety
APCO Worldwide
APCO Worldwide conducted U.S. public opinion research to understand how the viral outbreak is impacting businesses and what organizations can be doing to safeguard employees, operations and reputation.

#FuturePRoof Survey Reveals Drastic Impact of COVID-19 on UK PR Industry
FuturePRoof Communications
March 22, 2020
FuturePRoof conducted a survey of 115 respondents to gauge how COVID-19 is impacting the United Kingdom public relations industry and provides information on the UK government’s response, its impact on respondents’ personal well-being, and areas of resilience throughout COVID-19.

Perception About COVID-19 and the Employer Response
Weber Shandwick, KRC Research
March 24, 2020
Weber Shandwick and KRC Research conducted a national survey among 1,004 Americans to ask how they feel regarding the pandemic, precautions they’re taking, confidence in medical and healthcare facilities and organizations and support from their employer

Behavioral Science: 

Research Reveals Appealing to Our Best Nature is the Most Effective Way to Communicate Through COVID-19
Hill + Knowlton Strategies United Kingdom
March 19, 2020
Based on a nationally representative sample of 1,000 U.K. residents, H+K’s behavioral science unit found appealing to people’s good nature and sense of community are the most effective ways to communicate crucial public health messages through testing a series of messages.

Fearmongering or Fact-Driven? How Emotion Plays a Role in Attitudes Toward Health Epidemics
Celine Klemm, Ph.D., Tilo Hartmann, Ph.D., and Enny Das, Ph.D.
December 3, 2019
The authors presented participants with different versions of a news story describing a fictional disease outbreak, which varied the severity of the disease by altering the symptoms and likelihood of fatality. Authors suggest health communicators should be wary about presenting news about distant or foreign health risks in an emotional way because people are likely to find it sensationalized when they don’t feel personally at risk.

COVID-19 Tracking Survey Results
Association for Canadian Studies, Leger
March 23, 2020
An online survey consisting of 1,508 Canadians citizens analyzed public perception of the COVID-19 virus including fear of contracting the virus, the pandemic threat, the impact of self-isolation on common behavior, and more.

Communicating Effectively:

The COVID-19 Emails: Set a Strong First Impression in the Net Impression of Crisis Response
Ron Culp and Steve Johnson
March 20, 2020
To determine best practices for crafting an effective email in a crisis, the authors analyzed 100 COVID-19 related emails from companies. The analysis found COVID-19 related emails – like all crisis and issues communications – needs to reflect four critical elements: empathy, actions, cooperative efforts, and resolve.

COVID-19 and the State of Ohio: Governor Mike DeWine’s Model for Effective Crisis Response
Phillip Arceneaux, Ph.D.
March 20, 2020
Dr. Arceneaux analyzed Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s crisis response model and his leadership in COVID-19 communication and provides information on how to most effectively communicate with key stakeholders.

10 Ways to Combat Misinformation: A Behavioral Insights Approach
Terrence Flynn, Ph.D. and Tim Li
May 6, 2019
The IPR Behavioral Insights Research Centers compiled 10 effective ways to combat misinformation and prevent people from adopting inaccurate beliefs and making misguided decisions.

Remaining Relevant Amidst a Global Health Crisis
W20 Groups
March 20, 2020
W2O’s Corporate Relevance Model helps organizations stay attuned and ahead covering activity between January 1, 2020- March 14, 2020 and tracks how the coronavirus has impacted organizational relevance amid an already difficult landscape to break through.

How US Health Care Leaders are Responding to COVID-19 on Social Media
W2O Group
March 19, 2020
Using W20 Group’s MDigitalLife, integrated online and offline health care data platform, they filtered more than 124M posts on Twitter related to COVID-19 or coronavirus from January 1 to March 17, 2020 for 330K posts from physicians, advocacy groups, and industry players to analyze the specific specialties, geographies, disease areas, and company types who engaged to discover how health care leaders are most effectively communicating.

Real Time COVID-19 Media Communication Center
W20 Group, California Life Sciences Association
March 26, 2020
COR provides several “slices” of information that users can explore through several lenses: Coronavirus, California, Life Sciences, Health care providers, or Media. The platform is refreshed every 60 seconds and only analyzes posts that mention the coronavirus.

Are Brands Meeting Consumer Expectations During the Coronavirus Crisis?
APCO Worldwide
March 25, 2020
APCO Worldwide’s COVID-19 Response Index share some of the trends they are seeing as companies deal with the challenges of managing their reputations during the coronavirus crisis.

Trust in Sources:

Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report on COVID-19 Demonstrates the Essential Role of the Private Sector
March 10, 2020
A global survey of 10,000 respondents from the general public in 10 countries analyzes trust in varying news sources as well as the politicization of the crisis, the influence of news and social media, and the level of trust in government and business entities.

COVID-19: How Businesses are Handling the Crisis
Institute for Public Relations and Peppercomm
March 12, 2020
The survey of 300 communication executives analyzes what communication executives are doing to combat the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, the survey determines what sources they trust in the COVID-19 crisis, who they trust the least, and what sources they recommend to their internal and external stakeholders.


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