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Topic: Mentoring Author(s), Title and Publication Gibson, J. W., Tesone, D. V., & Buchalski, R. M. (2000). The Leader as Mentor. Journal of Leadership Studies, 7(3), 56-67. Summary This study explored the mentoring role of leaders. Mentoring refers to an interpersonal relationship in which a senior or more experienced person helps a junior or inexperienced … Continue reading The Leader as Mentor

Topic: Emotion and Organizational Conflicts Author(s), Title and Publication Gayle, B. M., & Preiss, R. W. (1998). Assessing Emotionality in Organizational Conflicts. Management Communication Quarterly, 12(2), 280-302. Summary The level of emotions remaining after an organizational conflict has the potential to alter organizational relationships. This study investigated the relationship between emotions and conflicts in organizational … Continue reading Assessing Emotionality in Organizational Conflicts