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This post is provided by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center.  Summary With the digital revolution, the public is empowered to scrutinize and react to CSR strategies of multinational corporations prompting the emergence of new practices like mobile-enhanced corporate disaster relief (i.e., mCSR). This study explicates public reactions to mCSR practices in the United States … Continue reading How Stakeholders React to Mobile-Enhanced Corporate Disaster Relief Efforts

This blog post, written by Dr. Terry Flynn and Tim Li, is based on a research paper by Gordon Pennycook, Assistant Professor at the University of Regina; and David G. Rand, Associate Professor of Management Science and Brain and Cognitive Sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Key Findings • People often fall for misinformation, or … Continue reading When People Engage in “Cognitive Laziness,” They are More Likely to Accept Misinformation as Truth