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This summary is provided by the IPR Measurement Commission The Foundation for Public Affairs researched how leaders can better measure and evaluate their performance and explored the value of investing in public affairs. A series of surveys, three case studies, and research data from leading corporate and association public affairs departments were collected and reviewed … Continue reading How to Measure the Value of Public Affairs

This blog is provided by the IPR Measurement Commission based on the original article in Public Relations Review. Measurement and evaluation (M&E) have long been said to be the “Holy Grail” in public relations. And the development of professional standards for M&E may be one of the most promising ways to advance public relations practice. Hence, … Continue reading Tracing the ‘March to Standards’ in PR Measurement and Evaluation

This post is provided by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center.  Summary With the digital revolution, the public is empowered to scrutinize and react to CSR strategies of multinational corporations prompting the emergence of new practices like mobile-enhanced corporate disaster relief (i.e., mCSR). This study explicates public reactions to mCSR practices in the United States … Continue reading How Stakeholders React to Mobile-Enhanced Corporate Disaster Relief Efforts

The results of a recently released study suggest that digitalization is the key technology trend to affect PR/Comms in the mid-term yet very few respondents envision their role to “have a research led strategic insight function” within their organization in the near future. It is fair to assume that discussions about giving a central role … Continue reading Measurement and Evaluation Remain a Challenge for PR: According to PR2025 Delphi Study

This post is written by the 2017 IPR Don Bartholomew Award For Excellence in Research winner, sponsored by  Download the full study here.  What is the current state of nonprofits’ public relations measurement and evaluation? How can we better measure and evaluate communication as well as better use findings? This paper provides an accessible, yet comprehensive introduction … Continue reading A Guide: How Nonprofits Can Better Use Measurement

Authors, Title and Publication Zwijze-Koning, K. H., De Jong, M. T., & Van Vuuren, M. (2015). Evaluating internal public relations using the critical incident technique. Journal of Public Relations Research, 27(1), 46-62. Summary This study validates the critical incident technique (CIT) as a communication audit method to evaluate internal communication. Communication audit techniques, especially the qualitative approaches … Continue reading Evaluating Internal Public Relations Using the Critical Incident Technique