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Topic: New Employee and Organizational Identification Author(s), Title and Publication Stephens, K. K. & Dailey, S. L. (2012). Situated organizational identification in newcomers: Impacts of pre-entry organizational exposure. Management Communication Quarterly, 26(3), 404-422. Summary This study investigated how new employees’ organizational identification was influenced by their pre-orientation non-work related experiences with an organization, and orientation … Continue reading Situated Organizational Identification in Newcomers: Impacts of Pre-Entry Organizational Exposure

Topic: New Employees and Organizational Socialization Author(s), Title and Publication Jokisaari, M., & Nurmi, J.-E. (2009). Change in newcomers’ supervisor support and socialization outcomes after organizational entry. Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 527-544. Summary This study examined how new employees’ perceived supervisor support changes during the 6-21 months following organizational entry, and how these perceived … Continue reading Change in Newcomers’ Supervisor Support and Socialization Outcomes after Organizational Entry

Topic: Organizational Entry and Humorous Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Heiss, S. N., & Carmack, H. J. (2012). Knock, knock, who’s there?: Making sense of organizational entrance through humor. Management Communication Quarterly, 26(1), 106-132. Summary This study explored how veterans and newcomers use humor during organizational entry. The authors collected data from the Vocational Counseling … Continue reading Knock, Knock, Who’s There?: Making Sense of Organizational Entrance through Humor

Topic: New Employees and Organizational Entry Author(s), Title and Publication Cable, D. M., & Kay, V. S. (2012). Striving for self-verification during organizational entry. Academy of Management Journal, 55(2), 360-380. Summary This project used two studies to examine how job applicants’ self-verification striving affects the organizational entry process. “Self-verification striving” means giving an accurate portrayal … Continue reading Striving for Self-Verification during Organizational Entry