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The Conference Board analyzed job satisfaction among U.S. workers based on their perceptions of their current role and workplace environment. An online survey of 1,699 working adults was conducted from Nov. 1–23, 2023, in the United States. Key findings include: 1.) There is a widening gap in job satisfaction as 65% of men reported being … Continue reading Who is Happiest at Work?

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Resource Center Summary This study aims to answer whether health-promoting leadership and leaders’ skills can improve followers’ job satisfaction and turnover intention. Health-promoting leadership behaviors refer to a mixture of leadership behaviors to promote a healthy workplace for employees. The authors examined the indirect effects of … Continue reading Health-Promoting Leadership and Leaders’ Listening Skills Have an Impact on the Employees’ Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention

Author(s), Title and Publication Madlock, P. E., & Hildebrand Clubbs, B. (2019, in press). The Influence of Supervisors’ Use of Motivating Language in Organizations Located in India. International Journal of Business Communication. Summary Motivating Language Theory describes three communication styles leaders use to motivate employees. Specifically, motivating language (ML) includes using direction-giving language (i.e., give … Continue reading The Influence of Supervisors’ Use of Motivating Language in Organizations Located in India

  Authors, Title and Publication Wright, K. B., Abendschein, B., Wombacher, K., O’Connor, M., Hoffman, M., Dempsey, M., & Shelton, A. (2014). Work-related communication technology use outside of regular work hours and work life conflict: The influence of communication technologies on perceived work life conflict, burnout, job satisfaction, and turnover intentions. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(4), 507-530. … Continue reading The Influence of Communication Technologies on Perceived Work Life Conflict, Burnout, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions

Topic: New Employees and Organizational Socialization Author(s), Title and Publication Jokisaari, M., & Nurmi, J.-E. (2009). Change in newcomers’ supervisor support and socialization outcomes after organizational entry. Academy of Management Journal, 52(3), 527-544. Summary This study examined how new employees’ perceived supervisor support changes during the 6-21 months following organizational entry, and how these perceived … Continue reading Change in Newcomers’ Supervisor Support and Socialization Outcomes after Organizational Entry

Topic: Supervisor Communication; Digital Communication in the Workplace Authors, Title and Publication Hill, N., Kang, J., & Seo, M. (2014). The interactive effect of leader–member exchange and electronic communication on employee psychological empowerment and work outcomes. Leadership Quarterly, 25(4), 772-783. Summary The growth in virtual work arrangements and the increased availability of information and communication technologies have … Continue reading The Interactive Effect of Leader–Member Exchange and Electronic Communication on Employee Psychological Empowerment and Work Outcomes

Topic: New Employees and Organizational Entry Author(s), Title and Publication Cable, D. M., & Kay, V. S. (2012). Striving for self-verification during organizational entry. Academy of Management Journal, 55(2), 360-380. Summary This project used two studies to examine how job applicants’ self-verification striving affects the organizational entry process. “Self-verification striving” means giving an accurate portrayal … Continue reading Striving for Self-Verification during Organizational Entry

Topic: Employee Communication Competence Authors, Title and Publication McKinley, C., & Perino, C. (2013). Examining communication competence as a contributing factor in health care workers’ job satisfaction and tendency to report errors. Journal of Communication In Healthcare, 6(3), 158-165. Summary This study examined how health care workers’ communication competence predicted their job satisfaction and error … Continue reading Examining Communication Competence as a Contributing Factor in Health Care Workers’ Job Satisfaction and Tendency to Report Errors

Topic: Organizational Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Muchinsky, P. M. (1977). Organizational Communication: Relationships to Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction. Academy of Management Journal, 20(4), 592-607. Summary This foundational study examined the relationship of organizational communication to organizational climate and job satisfaction. Employees (n=695) of a large public utility participated in a survey that measured … Continue reading Organizational Communication: Relationships to Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction