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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Summary Organizations thrive when employees provide constructive and candid feedback intended to improve overall business operations. Challenging promotive voice, or feedback specifically designed to bring about positive change rather than merely criticize, has been described as a key factor in numerous organizational outcomes such … Continue reading How Social Status and Organizational Justice Impact Employee Voice

Author(s), Title and Publication: O’Connor, A., Paskewitz, E. A., Jorgenson, D. A., & Rick, J. M. (2016). How changes in work structure influence employees’ perceptions of CSR: Millionaire managers and locked-out laborers. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 44(1), 40 – 59. Summary Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a multi-faceted concept, including dimensions of economic, legal, … Continue reading How Changes in Work Structure Influence Employees’ Perceptions of CSR: Millionaire Managers and Locked-Out Laborers