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This blog is provided by the IPR Digital Media Research Center Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a transformative impact on public relations practices. From the traditional adoption of AI in media monitoring and social media sentiment analysis, to the rapid development of generative AI in recent years, public relations professionals and organizational leaders are urged … Continue reading Can Corporate Social Responsibility Instill Warmth in Artificial Intelligence?

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. Chuqing Dong, Dr. Yafei Zhang, and Dr. Song Ao investigated how an organization’s strategic communication on corporate social responsibility (CSR) can engage employees in CSR initiatives cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally. An online survey  of 78 MBA students at a public university in the … Continue reading Engaging Employees in Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives through Strategic Communication

Dr. Chen and colleagues explored the role that social media influencers played an important role in driving positive outcomes of corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns. A survey of 967 participants was conducted in June 2019. Key findings include:1.) Social media influencers exert influence on the target consumers’ decisions to support the CSR initiative which they … Continue reading Social Media Influencers Impact Perceptions of CSR Initiatives

Individuals want to buy from and work for organizations that align with their values. Why then are so few brands willing to make their position on issues impacting our society clear to their stakeholders? Now we have some key answers. Only 18% of brands are very likely to speak out on any social issues this … Continue reading Why Aren’t More Brands Speaking out on Social Issues? Here’s What We Know

JUST Capital and The Harris Poll explored how the American public expected companies to respond to the most crucial issues of 2020. A survey of 2,055 U.S. adults was conducted from Oct. 20-22, 2020. Key findings include: 1.) 72% of Americans think that business leaders have a role to play in assisting their employees during … Continue reading Americans Believe Corporate Leaders Have a Role in Protecting Democracy

Corporate involvement in social issues such as racial justice, voting access and climate change is on the rise, but so is demand for corporate leadership on these issues. More than 60% of Americans would like to see major companies advocate to protect the environment; provide food security; end discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation … Continue reading In Social Issue Engagement, Major Companies Face Great Expectations — And Greater Controversy

This blog is based on the original study in the Public Relations Journal. When events of societal injustice occur and governmental responses appear inadequate, citizens often turn their focus to the leaders of companies they buy from, work for, and trust. Whether they want a void to be filled, a right to be wronged, or simply to have … Continue reading Words, Money, or Action? How Corporate Social Advocacy Drove Media Coverage of Black Lives Matter

Cen April Yue and colleagues explored the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social irresponsibility (CSI) on consumer responses. Two experiments were conducted on 361 U.S. adult consumers and 291 U.S. adult consumers respectively. The first examined consumer responses to CSR and CSI when they occurred separately. The second explored the impact of … Continue reading The joint effect of corporate social irresponsibility and social responsibility on consumer outcomes

This summary is provided by IPR based on the original study from Morning Consult Morning Consult explored how investors feel about social responsibility regarding the companies they are investing in.  Morning Consult conducted a survey of 2,210 U.S. adults from May 24-26.  Key findings include: Between all adults surveyed, 40% said it was more important … Continue reading Do Investors Consider Social Responsibility in Investment Decisions?

This blog is based on the original journal article in the Public Relations Journal. The concept of American democracy has conventionally been structured around voters receiving political information from government institutions, political parties, and news media sources. Today, corporations play a major role in a democratic society by taking public stances on controversial social-political issues, … Continue reading The Impact of Corporate Social Advocacy on Stakeholders’ Issue Awareness, Attitudes, and Voting Behaviors