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“Setting standards for public relations measurement may not sound sexy, but I would argue that it’s one of the hottest new developments in public relations this year,” said Dr. David Geddes, chair of the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards and past chair of the IPR Measurement Commission, in the Council for Public Relations Firms … Continue reading Setting the Standards—Changing the Way We Measure Public Relations Success

Viewing public relations through a brain-based perspective allows practitioners to gain rich insights into how our publics make decisions on an issue. In order to influence key stakeholders, we must understand that they generally make their decisions quickly and based off emotions. Professor Baba Shiv from the Stanford Graduate School of Business explained how practitioners … Continue reading Public Relations: A Brain-Based Perspective

At the IPR Trustees Research Symposium in November, Bruce Berger, winner of the 2012 Pathfinder Award for an original program of scholarly research advancing the practice of public relations, spoke to an audience of research funders about his work.  Summarizing decades of focus on employee communications, Bruce said: Let me close by summarizing what I … Continue reading Listening to Bruce Berger: Leaders, Supervisors and Culture

The theme of the Institute for Public Relations’ Annual Distinguished Lecture a few weeks ago:  “Communications Lessons of the 2012 Campaign,”  featured Microsoft’s Mark Penn, formerly President Clinton’s White House pollster and a key adviser in his 1996 reelection; and Fox News’ Dana Perino, formerly Deputy Press Secretary to George W. Bush. In the CommPRO.biz … Continue reading Communications Lessons from the 2012 Campaign

The development of new technologies such as the iPad mini has provided communications professionals with modern and innovative channels to reach their publics. These gadgets have helped enhance the profession and solidify the role of public relations practitioners as top tier. Professionals are neither limited nor confined to the radio, television or newspaper. However, according … Continue reading Publics: The Heart of the Business

GAINESVILLE, FL –  Research on neuroscience and public relations, employee communications, social media and measurement standards will be core 2013 directions for the Institute for Public Relations (IPR), led by newly elected officers and Trustees. “These themes emerged from the IPR Trustees Research Symposium earlier this month, which immediately followed the Board meeting where officers … Continue reading IPR Names 2013 Leadership and Trustees, Reinforces Research Direction

Gainesville, FL – The Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission has awarded 2012 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award to a three-member team comprised of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Porter Novelli and PRIME Research.  The case study, Changing Behavior through PR:  Earned Media Boosts Campaign Performance during Medicare Open Enrollment, exemplified excellence in … Continue reading PRIME Research, Porter Novelli, CMS Win Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award

GAINESVILLE, FL – The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) today launched a free online research center focused on the science of social media at instituteforpr.org/scienceofsocialmedia/. The website begins with summaries of more than 30 articles or books about social media from public relations research literature. Plans are underway to add information about social media research from … Continue reading IPR Launches Free Online Research Center for Social Media Science

On November 8 at the Institute for Public Relations Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner, Mark Penn and Karen Hughes will deliver our first-ever team lecture, “Communications Lessons of the 2012 Campaign: Why __________ Won.” This is YOUR chance to ask the questions that the speakers will address from our stage. Respond to this column … Continue reading What Would You Ask About Communications and the 2012 Campaign?

Today at the PRSA International Conference in San Francisco, the Commission on Public Relations Education unveils its new report, “Standards for a Master’s Degree in Public Relations: Educating for Complexity.” Development and dissemination of these research-based standards were funded by the PRSA Foundation and the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations. The standards seek … Continue reading Educating for Complexity

In today’s environment, corporate social responsibility has emerged as an important management concept. Publics expect companies to be engaged in responsible activities that make a significant contribution to communities, the environment, and society. Though corporations have adopted more sustainable and responsible practices, they often struggle to communicate about them effectively. Practitioners find that promoting environmental … Continue reading Finding Best Practices in CSR Communication: Funding for Research

Business leaders and academics focused on internal communications, employee engagement and organizational behavior now have a consolidated source for research-based knowledge as the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Commission on Organizational Communication launches its free online research center.

As the world continues to go digital and a new social media buzzword seems to appear every day, PR practitioners are trying to keep up with an incredibly fast-paced and always changing industry. Digital and social media have started to transform the practice of public relations, but overall there is very limited research that explains … Continue reading Practitioner Attitudes and Social Media Adoption