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An overview of research findings on global public relations.

The significance of international corporate communications is growing rapidly, and the complexity associated with it is increasing almost exponentially. But systematic understanding of international corporate communications, even in the corner offices of the PR industry’s top management, is not well developed. This essay will illustrate the status quo in this area through examples and propose … Continue reading An Expanded View from the Corner Office – Further Discussions and Research on the Global Navigation of International Corporate Communications

This paper presents the findings of the examination of the role of senior public relations practitioners in organizations in Singapore. It also explores the importance of core communication activities to the role of top-in-house communicators, examines the time they allocate to managerial and technical work, and assesses if the managerial role which the practitioners play … Continue reading Adding Value to Organizations

This paper tries to discuss the process of institutionalization of public relations in Italy through the concept of credibility and professionalism. This paper also intends to discuss the impact of credibility on the process of professional recognition of Italian public relations and on its institutionalization by referring to the results of a qualitative and quantitative … Continue reading Looking for Institutionalization: Italian Public Relations and the Role of Credibility and Professionalism

This paper seeks to explain the main differences in public diplomacy approaches between developed countries in the West and Third World nations with emphasis on the concept of publics through an overview of major institutional settings in the West and use of practical cases in the Third World. Download PDF: Crafting the Image of Nations … Continue reading Crafting the Image of Nations in Foreign Audiences

This proposed project will focus on the high-context/collectivistic Mexican culture by investigating how Palanca (a Spanish term for “lever” or use of personal influence) shapes Mexican public relations principles and practice. The study will use interviews to collect information from both American public relations and Mexican public relations practitioners in Mexico, along with secondary analysis … Continue reading International Public Relations Faces Challenges: The Impact of Palanca in Shaping Mexico’s Public Relations

A survey conducted in Brazil by Aberje Research Institute Databerje with its members (n=282) reveals that the role of the Corporate Communicator has changed. In half of the companies that responded to the survey, the communicator has already evolved from a mere editor of the “company newspaper” to a strategic articulator and educator, an “edu-articulator.” … Continue reading The Trajectory of Organizational Communication in Brazil

This study aims to explore the practice of public relations in a Central Asian country, Kyrgyzstan. This research analyzes the practices of public relations in Kyrgyzstan, a culture that has not been adequately studied before. Through the use of a questionnaire instrument, the researcher will survey public relations practitioners in Kyrgyzstan. Download PDF: Profile of … Continue reading Profile of Public Relations Practice in Kyrgyzstan

To find out where public relations practice in Japan is heading, the current study asks public relations experts including corporate and firm practitioners, and educators and researchers and intend to find out important PR practices in five years from now. The study employs Delphi method to obtain consensus among experts. Download PDF: Public Relations in … Continue reading Public Relations in Japan

The present study attempts to explore how multiple competitive organizations cope with the same crisis and how an organization’s crisis management influenced the others’ crisis stances and strategies. By using qualitative case study of modified framing analysis, this study analyzed 15 contextually important news stories which were selected from the Korean Integrated News Database System … Continue reading How Multiple Competitive Organizations Cope with the Same Crisis

A large majority of journalists and public relations practitioners around the world say it is not professional for media to accept payments from news sources in return for coverage. Nevertheless, more than one in three practitioners and one in five journalists say it is generally considered okay in their countries for national media to accept … Continue reading An Exploratory Study of Global Media Relations Practices 2008

Public relations is one of the world’s fastest growing professions and areas of study, despite global differences in its practice and teaching. There is general agreement that case studies of communications campaigns are a most effective teaching and learning technique for both students and practitioners regardless of where in the world they are studying or … Continue reading The Evolution of Public Relations: Case Studies from Countries in Transition (Third Edition)

This report documents the findings of the Private Sector Summit on Public Diplomacy, held January 10, 2007, at the US Department of State. Participants identified 11 actions that would have the greatest impact on private sector public diplomacy efforts, actions which are fully described in this report. The Public Relations Coalition is an alliance of … Continue reading Private Sector Summit on Public Diplomacy

This paper covers the main and essential points of the conference proceedings produced on the occasion of the 2005 World Public Relations Festival held in Trieste, Italy, from June 28 to June 30. The Festival was organized by Toni Muzi Falconi, businessman and Professor of the University of Udine, in cooperation with Ferpi (Italian Public … Continue reading 2nd World Public Relations Festival: Communicating for Diversity, with Diversity, in Diversity

This paper, The Economic Impact of Our Profession, argues that our identity as a profession – not just a service industry of practitioners for hire, not just a management function of the staff variety – has a strong connection to issues of size and economic impact on society at large. Download PDF: How Big Is … Continue reading How Big Is Public Relations (and Why Does It Matter)?

The purpose of this study is to identify and content analyze the stream of trade and academic publications on international public relations or related materials published by selected U.S. and U.K. academic journals, the Institute for Public Relations’ online publications and international association publications (i.e., IABC-IPRA) from 1990 to 2005. Because of the constant expansion … Continue reading Global, International, Comparative and Regional Public Relations Knowledge from 1990 to 2005