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Internal communications

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center The public relations discipline has made great strides in advancing internal public relations scholarship and the antecedents of employee engagement. Researchers have investigated how corporate social responsibility (Duthler & Dhanesh, 2018); leadership (Meng & Berger, 2019); employee voice (Ruck, Welch, & Menara, 2017); and … Continue reading How Internal Communications Needs Differ by Industry

This blog is provided by the IPR Measurement Commission based on the original blog published by PR Academy In the preface of his latest and final book in the Using Data Better trilogy, Sam Knowles admits that he ‘wrote the books in the wrong order’. He states the ‘unsynchronous chronology’ of starting with data storytelling in … Continue reading Review: Asking Smarter Questions

This blog was originally published on the PR Academy Blog Republication of the blog is provided by the IPR Measurement Commission Those who had or have the pleasure and privilege to work with Mark Weiner – I am one of them as we both serve on the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission – or … Continue reading “Begin Simply, Simply Begin”: A Review of PR Technology, Data and Insights