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2006 – We welcome you to review this winning entry as an excellent example of effective use of professional measurement techniques in public relations. Click on the links below to download the entry and the related presentation in PDF format. Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award “Proof: Porter Novelli Key Message Assessment & Optimization” Jack Felton … Continue reading Proof: Porter Novelli Key Message Assessment & Optimization

August 2006 – Multipliers are often used by public relations professionals to factor circulation or audience figures when calculating impressions. Multipliers are generally rationalized by users to take into account pass-along circulation and/or to assign a higher value to PR impressions than advertising impressions due to a perceived higher level of credibility. The authors argue … Continue reading Dispelling the Myth of PR Multipliers and Other Inflationary Audience Measures

2005 – Does familiarity breed favorability? The researchers have analyzed reputation data for 30 global companies based on responses from 6,000 Americans. The companies represent six different industries: consumer products, automotive, pharmaceutical, entertainment, technology and financial services. For every industry and on every measure studied, the results are consistent. People who report that they are … Continue reading Understanding is the Beginning of Approving: Vapid Platitude or Cornerstone of Public

2006 – This paper outlines and describes the various tools and techniques that public relations practitioners ought to consider when designing and carrying out research projects for public relations planning and for public relations measurement and evaluation purposes. Public Relations Research For Planning and Evaluation Resource Booklet by Walter K. Lindenmann 2006

2003 – A coalition of organizations representing 50,000 professional communicators gathered January 2003 in New Jersey to discuss ways to restore trust in American business.  The coalition agreed on three basic actions that they could recommend to each and every CEO in America. The first two are essentially process issues that are relatively easy to … Continue reading Guidelines for Measuring Trust in Organizations

Brad Rawlins

By reviewing the literature in stakeholder theory, stakeholder management, and public relations, this paper arrives at a model that prioritizes stakeholders through a four-step process: Identifying all potential stakeholders according to their relationship to the organization Prioritizing stakeholders by attributes Prioritizing stakeholders by relationship to the situation Prioritizing the publics according to the communication strategy … Continue reading Prioritizing Stakeholders for Public Relations

May 2006 – This paper discusses several different approaches to deriving a Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the support provided by media relations publicity efforts within a marketing campaign. The primary questions discussed in the paper are whether it is possible to show that media publicity helped generate sales or other business outcomes, and can a financial … Continue reading Perspectives on the ROI of Media Relations Publicity Efforts

2006 – The Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research has become one of the most popular papers the Institute for Public Relations has ever published.  This second edition covers an expanded number of terms, with input from a broader group of scholars and research experts. This is a Gold Standard paper that has been … Continue reading Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research, Second Edition

2005 – The premise of the authors is that the media content analysis methods commonly in use fail to address the fundamental information needs of public relations professionals. Currently public relations professionals rely on eight basic methods of content analysis. This paper reviews each of these methods and points out the fundamental flaws in each … Continue reading A New Model for Media Content Analysis

2005 – We welcome you to review these winning entries as great examples of effective use of professional measurement techniques in public relations. Click on the links below to download the entries in PDF format. Southwest Airlines with SEO-PR, “You Are Now Free to Link PR and Sales” Golden Ruler Award for Excellence in Public … Continue reading You Are Now Free To Link PR and Sales

2005 – As organizations strive to develop multi-faceted relationships with their customers and other publics, events have emerged as an excellent channel. This paper will present an overview of the field and several methods for evaluating events.  These research tools are appropriate for both large and small organizations, and for large and small evaluation budgets. … Continue reading A Guide for Measuring Event Sponsorships

The author has designed hundreds of dashboards for communications professionals. This work has involved developing and testing questions that help communications professionals articulate their definitions of excellence. The purpose of this paper is to outline the techniques used to help define priorities as well as to discuss specific examples of how dashboards worked for different … Continue reading Designing and Implementing Your Communication’s Dashboard: Lessons Learned

2005 – There has been a good deal of attention in recent years on how important it is to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of public relations programs and activities. Dozens of articles, booklets and reports have been published giving advice and counsel on how PR practitioners might more effectively build research, measurement and evaluation … Continue reading Putting PR Measurement and Evaluation Into Historical Perspective