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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. Linjuan Rita Men, Dr. Yufan Sunny Qin, Renee Mitson, and Dr. Patrick Thelen studied how organizational diversity communication efforts and employees’ cultural intelligence contributed to an inclusive organizational climate and enhanced employee engagement. Furthermore, they examined the relationship between employees’ racial minority status and … Continue reading Does Diversity Communication and Cultural Intelligence Matter?

This blog is provided by the IPR Cision Insights Fellowship The Roe v. Wade reversal led to a series of ongoing protests both in support of and against abortion. The discourse put every company that does business in the U.S. in a tricky situation: determining how to strategically respond to this issue without offending their … Continue reading What Should Be Considered When Companies Weigh in on Controversial Social Issues? Takeaways from Companies’ Reactions to Roe V. Wade Reversal