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After the entire world shifted to virtual events in response to COVID-19, it’s no surprise that virtual is now here to stay. Virtual events have the advantage of reaching a far larger and more diverse audience than their in-person counterparts, making events accessible to attendees who might not have the time or budget to commit … Continue reading Balancing In-Person and Virtual Attendee Engagement

Authors, Title and Publication Boyer O’Leary, M., Wilson, J. M., & Metiu, A. (2014). Beyond being there: The symbolic role of communication and identification in perceptions of proximity to geographically dispersed colleagues. MIS Quarterly, 38(4), 1219-A7. This study explored how communication and shared meaning affect peoples’ perceptions of the geographic distances between themselves and their colleagues, … Continue reading Beyond Being There: The Symbolic Role of Communication and Identification in Perceptions of Proximity to Geographically Dispersed Colleagues