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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Supervisors use a variety of communication strategies when talking to employees, which can influence employee workplace experience. Dominance is understood as a set of communicative acts in which power is exerted and influence exercised. Even though dominance has a negative connotation, it can … Continue reading The Expression of Supervisor Dominance and Employee Outcomes

Author(s), Title and Publication Tepper, B. J. (1995). Upward maintenance tactics in supervisory mentoring and nonmentoring relationships. Academy of Management Journal, 38(4), 1191-1205. Summary This study examined the communication tactics that junior colleagues use to maintain stable mentoring relationships with their senior colleagues. Data were collected from a survey of 259 employees, with their upward … Continue reading Upward Maintenance Tactics in Supervisory Mentoring and Nonmentoring Relationships

Topic: Leadership Communications Author(s), Title and Publication Hoffman, B. J., Bynum, B. H., Piccolo, R. F., & Sutton, A. W. (2011). Person-organization value congruence: How transformational leaders influence work group effectiveness. Academy of Management Journal, 54(4), 779-796. Summary This study explored the effects of transformational leadership on employees’ work effectiveness, and whether the effects were … Continue reading Person-Organization Value Congruence: How Transformational Leaders Influence Work Group Effectiveness