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This abstract, summarized by IPR and provided by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center, is based on a research paper written by Sherry Jueyu Wu, Ph.D., at the University of California Los Angeles and Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Ph.D., at Princeton University.  Dr. Sherry Jueyu Wu and Dr. Elizabeth Levy Paluck conducted an experiment to examine how … Continue reading Participatory Practices at Work Change Attitudes and Behavior Toward Societal Authority and Justice

Yang, Sung-Un, & Kang, Minjeong (2009). Measuring blog engagement: Testing a four-dimensional scale. Public Relations Review, 35(3), 323-324. This study proposed and validated a measurement scale of blog engagement. The researchers explicated the concept of blog engagement as the likelihood and outcomes of interactive blog communication that encompass cognitive, attitudinal and behavioral attachment. Following this … Continue reading Measuring blog engagement: Testing a four-dimensional scale