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Topic: Internal Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Redding, W. C. (1972). Communications within the organization: An interpretive review of theory and research. New York: Industrial Communication Council. Summary This book is important because it is one of the earliest reviews of organizational communication research. This review interpreted communication theories in the organizational setting, and offered … Continue reading Communications Within the Organization: An Interpretive Review of Theory and Research

Topic: Corporate Language Author(s), Title and Publication Fredriksson, R., Barner-Rasmussen, W., & Piekkari, R. (2006). The multinational corporation as a multilingual organization. Corporate Communications, 11(4), 406-423. Summary This study explored the use of common corporate language(s) in multinational corporations (MNCs). English has been introduced by some MNCs as their corporate language; however, MNCs are usually … Continue reading The multinational corporation as a multilingual organization