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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary This study examined employees’ communication behaviors at the workplace. Specifically, the authors proposed and validated allegiant communication behavior (ACB) as a unique employee communication phenomenon and articulated the value of allegiant communication behavior in improving organizational effectiveness. The authors defined allegiant communication behavior … Continue reading These Three Dimensions of “Allegiant Communication” Can Help Organizations Evaluate Internal Communication

Topic: Internal Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Redding, W. C. (1972). Communications within the organization: An interpretive review of theory and research. New York: Industrial Communication Council. Summary This book is important because it is one of the earliest reviews of organizational communication research. This review interpreted communication theories in the organizational setting, and offered … Continue reading Communications Within the Organization: An Interpretive Review of Theory and Research

Topic: Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture Author(s), Title and Publication Schneider, B., Gunnarson, S. K., & Niles-Jolly, K. (1994). Creating the Climate and Culture of Success. Organizational Dynamics, 23(1), 17-29. Summary This essay examined management values that must be adhered to by employees for organizational effectiveness. Climate is employees’ perceived atmosphere that is created within … Continue reading Creating the Climate and Culture of Success