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Those of us who communicate for a living are in the business of influence. We shape the reputations of our organizations, the narratives coming from leaders’ mouths, and — critically — the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. But today, we seek influence in a media and information landscape of unprecedented complexity. One … Continue reading Who has Influence in Organizations?

The Academic Society for Management & Communication identified five trends destined to influence communication practice in the near future. A literature review of numerous publications and contributions from science and practice was conducted throughout 2022. The most relevant trends found for corporate communication in 2023 were: 1.) Augmented Workflows — Quickly advancing AI-based technologies will … Continue reading Corporate Communication Trends for 2023

This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Change is an inescapable reality of the modern workplace. The declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to confront an array of drastic and previously unimaginable organizational changes. Many business-as-usual approaches to serving customers, working with suppliers, and normal work routines have been disrupted. … Continue reading How to Navigate Change Using Transparency, Charisma, and Empathy

We’ve seen glimpses of how text mining can provide early warning of poor financial performance and fraud, but employee wellness may be the next frontier A central premise of my new book is that communication is a remarkably accurate barometer of organizational health. The words we use in organizations provide important clues about the narratives we value … Continue reading Text mining may be one of the most powerful risk management systems we have

Gainesville, Fla. – The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Board of Trustees has elected three new Directors for the IPR Commissions and Centers for Excellence. The Directors help guide the mission, research, and strategy of each of these centers based on critically important long-term areas of interest determined by Trustees. “We are thrilled with the election … Continue reading The Institute for Public Relations Announces Three New Directors of its IPR Commissions and Centers for Excellence

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary In increasingly heterogeneous and diverse societies, diversity, inclusion, and equity have become central issues for organizations. Researchers have suggested that an inclusive workplace positively impacts outcomes such as trust, commitment, job satisfaction, perceived procedural and distributive justice, and employee well-being. What has been … Continue reading Talking Inclusion Into Being: How Communication Can Make or Break an Inclusive Work Environment

This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. The pandemic our world has endured over the past year and a half has dramatically transformed our lives. Not surprisingly, people are experiencing emotions such as outrage, anger, sadness, depression, emptiness, frustration, helplessness, and fear. The emotional stress caused by this reality has, without … Continue reading Prioritizing Mental Health and Psychological Well-Being: An Inevitable Priority for Organizations

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Exhausted employees who feel they lack work-life balance are both less likely to feel engaged, and less likely to express their voice at work. As a result, organizations miss out on key suggestions, ideas, questions, and concerns that are essential to alleviating job stress … Continue reading An Exploration of the Relationships Between Organizational Dissent, Employee Burnout, and Work-Family Balance

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Workplace relationships have an immense impact on employees’ job satisfaction, cohesive climates, creativity, and innovation. This study focused on coworker relationships and why and how coworker relationships developed into workplace friendships. The authors argued that task interdependence is an important factor in driving … Continue reading With a Little Help From My Friends: Coworker Communication and Workplace Friendship

Following the first two Institute for Public Relations (IPR)/Peppercomm COVID-19 studies, which focused on initial understanding of the organizational responses and employee perceptions of the pandemic, the third installment is a collection of qualitative assessments from the perspectives of communications leaders on where we are and what’s next.  In addition, the current racial unrest triggered … Continue reading In Search For the Truth, “Meaning” Matters Most: Delving Deeper Into Covid-19 And Racial Inequity  

Think about the last time you were in a situation where you were unsure if the person you were talking to was truly listening to what you had to say. Were you talking to a colleague or maybe a partner or a supervisor? And did their nonverbal cues demonstrate a lack of active listening? How … Continue reading How Do We Learn to Actively Listen? A Challenge to All of Us to be More Present with our Dialogic Partners