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This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center (OCRC) “Now more than ever, decision-makers can’t act alone; they must bring diverse perspectives to the table and ensure that those voices are fully heard” (Fletcher et al., 2023, para 2). Dissent originates from the Latin dissentire, meaning “feeling apart” (Kassing, 1997). “Dissent” in … Continue reading How Can Organizations Manage Employee Dissent?

Author(s), Title and Publication: De Ruiter, M., Schalk, R., & Blomme, R. J. (2016). Manager responses to employee dissent about psychological contract breach: A dyadic process approach. Management Communication Quarterly, 30(2), 188 – 217. Summary Employee dissent occurs when employees perceive a discrepancy between what the organization has promised to them and what they have … Continue reading Manager Responses to Employee Dissent About Psychological Contract Breach: A Dyadic Process Approach

Author(s), Title and Publication Goldman, Z., W., & Myers, S. A. (2015). The relationship between organizational assimilation and employees’ upward, lateral, and displaced dissent. Communication Reports, 18(1), 24 – 35. Summary This article reports a study that explored the process by which an individual employee being integrated into the culture of an organization, i.e. organizational … Continue reading The Relationship Between Organizational Assimilation and Employees’ Upward, Lateral, and Displaced Dissent