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This article summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communications Research Center.  Summary In distributed work settings, the development and maintenance of social connectivity can be challenging due to the lack of face-to-face contacts, shared experiences, and common ground. To address this concern, global organizations often adopt enterprise social media (ESM) to facilitate relationship building and … Continue reading How Enterprise Social Media Affects the Social Connectivity of Globally Dispersed Workers

Topic: Digital Communication in the Workplace Authors, Title and Publication Leonardi, P. M., Huysman, M., & Steinfield, C. (2013). Enterprise social media: Definition, history, and prospects for the study of social technologies in organizations. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 19(1), 1-19. Summary This review article explored what consequences—positive and negative—social media used for communication and interaction within the … Continue reading Enterprise Social Media: Definition, History, and Prospects for the Study of Social Technologies in Organizations

Authors, Title and Publication Beck, R., Pahlke, I., & Seebach, C. (2014). Knowledge exchange and symbolic action in social media-enabled electronic networks of practice: A multilevel perspective on knowledge seekers and contributors. MIS Quarterly, 38(4), 1245-1270. The objective of this study was to identify and understand the social antecedents of knowledge exchange in electronic networks of … Continue reading Knowledge Exchange and Symbolic Action in Social Media-Enabled Electronic Networks of Practice