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The Chartered Institute of Public Relations analyzed how AI is being used in the public relations field and how it impacts practitioners’ work. An online survey of 329 public relations and communications professionals was conducted from December 2022 to March 2023, supplemented by a qualitative study with 59 respondents. Key findings include: 1.) 40% of … Continue reading The Impact of AI on Public Relations

This summary is presented by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center Key Findings Nudges are well suited for supporting organizational innovation and agility due to their flexibility, adaptability, and low cost. Implication for Public Relations Public relations professionals should examine organizational goals to look for opportunities where nudges can contribute to an organization’s ability to react … Continue reading Nudge: A Relevant Communication Tool Adapted for Agile Innovation

In partnership with PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. As a passionate public relations professional, I am always evaluating new ideas and business models that benefit our clients and inspire creativity and growth. Thus, I am an eager seeker of research on target … Continue reading How We Did It: Adding Storytelling to Technology in Developing “Innovation Relations”

This blog post is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center.  When internal communication is leveraged, it can elevate employees and help them thrive while driving business results. The optimal internal communication program does not simply provide free lunches or employee events; the needs of employees are more complex than that. To understand what … Continue reading The Winning Formula for Internal Communication

Author(s), Title and Publication Lee, Y., Mazzei, A., & Kim, J. N. (2018). Looking for motivational routes for employee-generated innovation: Employees’ scouting behavior. Journal of Business Research, 91, 286-294. doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.06.022 Summary It has been largely believed that organizational innovation comes from the outside in, primarily from investments in technology or research and development (R&D) functions. … Continue reading Looking for Motivational Routes for Employee-Generated Innovation: Employees’ Scouting Behavior

Author(s), Title and Publication Suh, J., Harrington, J., & Goodman, D. (2018). Understanding the link between organizational communication and innovation: An examination of public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations in South Korea. Public Personnel Management, 47(2), 217-244. doi:10.1177/0091026018760930 Summary Research suggests that an organization’s internal communication facilitates continuous change. However, the effects of communication on organizational innovation, specifically … Continue reading Organizational Communication and Innovation in South Korea

Author(s), Title and Publication Boies, K., Fiset, J., & Gill, H. (2015). Communication and trust are key: Unlocking the relationship between leadership and team performance and creativity. The Leadership Quarterly, 26(6), 1080-1094. Summary This experimental study examined how transformational leadership behaviors influence team performance and creativity through underlying mechanisms of team communication and trust. Transformational leadership is … Continue reading Trust is Key: Unlocking the Relationship Between Leadership and Team Performance

Authors, Title and Publication Beck, R., Pahlke, I., & Seebach, C. (2014). Knowledge exchange and symbolic action in social media-enabled electronic networks of practice: A multilevel perspective on knowledge seekers and contributors. MIS Quarterly, 38(4), 1245-1270. The objective of this study was to identify and understand the social antecedents of knowledge exchange in electronic networks of … Continue reading Knowledge Exchange and Symbolic Action in Social Media-Enabled Electronic Networks of Practice

Topic: Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture Author(s), Title and Publication Schneider, B., Gunnarson, S. K., & Niles-Jolly, K. (1994). Creating the Climate and Culture of Success. Organizational Dynamics, 23(1), 17-29. Summary This essay examined management values that must be adhered to by employees for organizational effectiveness. Climate is employees’ perceived atmosphere that is created within … Continue reading Creating the Climate and Culture of Success