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Author(s), Title and Publication Lee, Y., Mazzei, A., & Kim, J. N. (2018). Looking for motivational routes for employee-generated innovation: Employees’ scouting behavior. Journal of Business Research, 91, 286-294. doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.06.022 Summary It has been largely believed that organizational innovation comes from the outside in, primarily from investments in technology or research and development (R&D) functions. … Continue reading Looking for Motivational Routes for Employee-Generated Innovation: Employees’ Scouting Behavior

Author(s), Title and Publication Suh, J., Harrington, J., & Goodman, D. (2018). Understanding the link between organizational communication and innovation: An examination of public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations in South Korea. Public Personnel Management, 47(2), 217-244. doi:10.1177/0091026018760930 Summary Research suggests that an organization’s internal communication facilitates continuous change. However, the effects of communication on organizational innovation, specifically … Continue reading Organizational Communication and Innovation in South Korea

Author(s), Title and Publication Boies, K., Fiset, J., & Gill, H. (2015). Communication and trust are key: Unlocking the relationship between leadership and team performance and creativity. The Leadership Quarterly, 26(6), 1080-1094. Summary This experimental study examined how transformational leadership behaviors influence team performance and creativity through underlying mechanisms of team communication and trust. Transformational leadership is … Continue reading Trust is Key: Unlocking the Relationship Between Leadership and Team Performance

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Topic: Organizational Climate and Organizational Culture Author(s), Title and Publication Schneider, B., Gunnarson, S. K., & Niles-Jolly, K. (1994). Creating the Climate and Culture of Success. Organizational Dynamics, 23(1), 17-29. Summary This essay examined management values that must be adhered to by employees for organizational effectiveness. Climate is employees’ perceived atmosphere that is created within … Continue reading Creating the Climate and Culture of Success