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Topic: Leadership, Employee Communication Channels, and Employee Satisfaction Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. R. (2014). Strategic internal communication: Transformational leadership, communication channels, and employee satisfaction. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(2), 1-21. Summary Technological development is changing the landscape of communication as well as the internal communication formula of companies. The easy access of organizations to … Continue reading Strategic Internal Communication: Transformational Leadership, Communication Channels, and Employee Satisfaction

Topic: Employee Communication, Internal Activism, and Organizational Change Authors, Title and Publication Luo, Y., & Jiang, H. (2014). Empowerment and internal activism during organizational change: A relocation story in China. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 8, 1-28. Summary This study, contextualized in a leading multinational food and beverage giant operating in Mainland China, investigated how … Continue reading Empowerment and Internal Activism During Organizational Change

Topic: Employee Communication and Business Alignment Authors, Title and Publication van Riel, C. B., Berens, G., & Dijkstra, M. (2005). The Influence of Employee Communication on Strategic Business Alignment. Report of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management: Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Summary This study surveyed more than 2,400 employees in two international companies to … Continue reading The Influence of Employee Communication on Strategic Business Alignment