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USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations explored corporate reputation and the factors that impact it, including consumer and employee expectations. Four online surveys were conducted during February 2023. The surveys were conducted with the following groups:— 684 PR professionals.— 509 U.S. residents who work for companies with 1000+ employees.— 496 U.S.-based financial professionals.— 1,060 U.S.-based … Continue reading Corporate Reputation in 2023

Topic: Upward Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Burris, E. R. (2012). The risks and rewards of speaking up: Managerial responses to employee voice. Academy of Management Journal, 55(4), 851-875. Summary This article examined how restaurant managers respond to employee voice with three studies. Employee voice includes 1) challenging voice, which is intended to alter or … Continue reading The Risks and Rewards of Speaking Up: Managerial Responses to Employee Voice