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Citation Woods, Chelsea L. (2018). “Are your tanks filled with orca tears?”: Crisis frames and message convergence in SeaWorld’s tanked Twitter campaign. Corporate Reputation Review, 21(1), 9–21. doi:10.1057/s41299-017-0039-y Summary The death of a whale trainer at its Orlando park in 2010 and the subsequent 2013 documentary Blackfish incited a host of problems for SeaWorld, from … Continue reading Seaworld’s Tanked Twitter Campaign: How to Frame Messages During a Crisis

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DiStaso, Marcia Watson (2012). Measuring public relations Wikipedia engagement: How bright is the rule?  Public Relations Journal, 6(2), 1-22. Wikipedia has become almost a staple in society, and its prominence in search engines and frequency of use make it a very powerful website. This study explores the views, experiences and beliefs of public relations/communications professionals … Continue reading Measuring public relations Wikipedia engagement: How bright is the rule?