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This summary is provided by the IPR Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion The USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations analyzed the perceptions of corporate activism in the public relations industry and beyond. An online survey of 163 PR professionals, 54 investors, 100 business leaders, 709 employees, and 1,537 consumers was conducted from Feb. 20 – … Continue reading How Should Corporations Respond to Social Issues?

Climate Change APCO WW 2023

This summary is provided by the IPR ESG & Purpose Research Library APCO Worldwide analyzed differences in opinion on how to address climate change as an “emergency” across the globe. An online survey of 24,300 adults was conducted from Aug. 15–23, 2023 across 39 countries with an average of 600 respondents per market. Key findings include: … Continue reading Is Climate Change a Top Concern Worldwide?

ESG Reporting

Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) and Morning Consult assessed the current focuses and changes in corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG). A survey of 286 employees from public and private companies across five sectors (finance, human resources, communications, legal, and sustainability) was conducted in August 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 61% of executives said ESG is … Continue reading How ESG Reporting is Changing Across Multiple Sectors

Gallup investigated how Americans feel about businesses taking a stance on public issues and current events. An online survey of 5,458 U.S. adults was conducted from May 8-15, 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 59% of respondents think businesses should not take a public stance on current events. 2.) 62% of Democrats thought businesses should take … Continue reading Do Americans Think Businesses Should Take Stances on Current Events?

This summary is provided by IPR based on the original study by the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations The USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations examined the trends shaping the Public Relations profession and impacting PR professionals. A survey of 1,600 communication professionals, journalists, educators, and students was conducted from Jan. 4 to Feb. 4, … Continue reading The Future of Corporate Activism

This summary is provided by the IPR Street Team based on the original journal article in the Journal of Public Interest Communications by Chelsea Woods Overview Activist campaigns have risen in popularity to expose wrongdoings committed due to corporate activities, and to communicate demands for change that are in line with modern values and social movements. This … Continue reading We Really Have to Hit Them Where It Hurts: Analyzing Activists’ Corporate Campaigns