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Mental health

The Hartford and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) researched the barriers Black U.S. employees face regarding mental health support in the workplace. A survey of 1,456 employed adults was conducted from April 13 – 17, 2023, and April 28 – May 1, 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 41% of Black employees said their company had an … Continue reading Are Black Employees Lacking Mental Health Support?

Climate Change APCO WW 2023

This summary is provided by the IPR ESG & Purpose Research Library APCO Worldwide analyzed differences in opinion on how to address climate change as an “emergency” across the globe. An online survey of 24,300 adults was conducted from Aug. 15–23, 2023 across 39 countries with an average of 600 respondents per market. Key findings include: … Continue reading Is Climate Change a Top Concern Worldwide?

Women of Influence+ examined how women are treated as they succeed in an industry and the impact it has on women worldwide in the workplace. The study was conducted through the lens of Tall Poppy Syndrome, which occurs when people are attacked, resented, disliked, or cut down because of their achievements or success. 4,710 employed women … Continue reading The Cost of Ambition for Women at Work

As a blend of three words—environmental, social and governance—ESG’s reputation is now tainted. Those three letters have now transformed into shorthand for much hype and no actual impact, as their collection of objectives provides no unified and coherent guide for investors and companies. Recent high-profile controversies contributed to this problem. Tariq Fancy, former global chief … Continue reading How Can PR and Comms Use the ‘E’ to Fix ESG’s Reputation?

This summary is provided by the IPR ESG & Purpose Research Library. Dr. Karine Lacroix and colleagues examined whether climate change mitigation behaviors at the personal level spills over onto people’s willingness to engage in behaviors at the collective level. A series of three surveys were conducted. Survey 1 consisted of 1,037 U.S. adults and was … Continue reading Does Personal Climate Change Mitigation Behavior Influence Collective Behavior?

Summary Understanding the antecedents of green consumer behavior (GCB) is crucial for creating effective green marketing communications. The traditional attitude-behavior relationship model excludes affective factors (i.e. emotion), partially leading to inconsistent research findings. To better understand the antecedents of green consumer behavior, this study considers both affective and cognitive (i.e. knowledge) factors. Method A survey … Continue reading Does Integrating Environmental Values and Emotion in Green Marketing Communications Induce Sustainable Consumer Behavior?

This summary is presented by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center Key Findings Nudges, interventions that rely on leveraging mental shortcuts, can be more effective for encouraging behaviours than educational interventions that rely on increasing knowledge. Nudges are not a one-size-fits-all solution and need to be tailored with specific contexts and target audiences in mind to … Continue reading Nudging Pro‐Environmental Behavior: Evidence and Opportunities

In partnership with PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. I serve as chief communications officer at Axis, a leading specialty insurer and global reinsurer. At Axis we believe that climate-risk mitigation—the risks associated with climate change—is central to both the future of our … Continue reading How We Did It: Formulating a Comprehensive Stand on Thermal Coal and Oil Sands