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IPR is featuring some of the many female pioneers who have had an impact on the field of public relations in celebration of Women’s History Month. Born in 1914 in Huttig, Arkansas, Daisy Bates endured many hardships in early childhood but would grow up to become an outspoken pioneer in the American civil rights movement. … Continue reading Pioneer Daisy Bates (1914-1999)

  This summary is provided by the IPR Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Dr. Audrey Latura and Dr. Ana Catalano Weeks examined how gender quotas for corporate boards contribute to gender equality in a company. Yearly reports from 2007–2017 from 96 companies in Italy and Greece were reviewed. Key findings include: 1.) In 2011, … Continue reading Corporate Board Quotas and Gender Equality Policies in the Workplace

IPR is featuring some of the many female pioneers to celebrate Women’s History Month. Leone Baxter was born in Kelso, Wa., on Nov. 20, 1906. She moved to Redding, Calif., and soon attained the distinction of being the only woman to manage a Chamber of Commerce. Baxter and her husband, Clem Whitaker, started Campaigns, Inc., … Continue reading Pioneer Leone Baxter (1906-1961)

IPR is featuring some of the many women PR pioneers and modern-day heroes to celebrate Women’s History Month Doris Fleischman was born in July 1891. She graduated from Barnard College and started writing for the New York Tribune women’s page in 1913. She was then promoted to assistant Sunday editor. In 1919, she was hired … Continue reading Pioneer Doris Fleischman (1891-1980)

IPR is featuring some of the many female pioneers to celebrate Women’s History Month. Debra A. Miller, Ed.D. APR, Fellow PRSA, became the first woman of color and the first African-American to lead PRSA in 1997. Dr. Miller has held positions at Fortune 100 companies, federal agencies, the military, and universities and has served as … Continue reading Pioneer Debra A. Miller, Ed.D., APR

This summary is presented by IPR based on the original journal article in the Public Relations Journal  Dr. Linda Aldoory and colleagues explored how public relations professionals’ views of work/life balance differ based on gender. Eight focus groups in four U.S. metropolitan areas (Washington, DC; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; and San Diego, CA) were conducted. … Continue reading Is It Still Just a Women’s Issue? A Study of Work-Life Balance Among Men and Women in Public Relations