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This blog is based on the original journal article in the Public Relations Journal. The Public Relations Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal presented by the Institute for Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America Disclaimer: The conclusions and opinions expressed in this study represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views … Continue reading Painting a Picture of the U.S. Military: Lessons from Public Affairs Officers

This abstract is provided by IPR based on the original journal article in the International Journal of Lifelong Education Judith Walker, Ph.D., and Pierre Walter, Ph.D., examined how news media functioned to “educate” the public about the Standing Rock pipeline protests in North Dakota, USA. A content analysis was conducted on online media coverage by … Continue reading Learning about social movements through news media: Deconstructing New York Times and Fox News representations of Standing Rock

This summary is presented by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center Key Findings People experience less reactance, a negative feeling that someone is trying to impose a behaviour on them, when persuasive communications employ self-persuasion, instead of direct persuasion. Self-persuasion is a strategy that gets audiences to generate their own arguments for an intended behaviour change. … Continue reading Self-Persuasion in Media Messages: Reducing Alcohol Consumption Among Students with Open-Ended Questions

How firmly steeped in science are the recommendations that media trainers give to their clients?  Over the years I discovered that a great many of the facts on message delivery fellow media trainers anywhere in the world impart on their clients are simply not true or are wanting for a more accurate interpretation. It is … Continue reading Three Things Your Media Trainer Should Never Have Told You