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ipr top 2023 revised

THIS IS AN IPR SIGNATURE STUDY Download Full Report: IPR Top 15 Insights of 2023 Introduction: The Institute for Public Relations synthesized the top research studies from 2023 that we think communications professionals need to know. This past year, communication leaders guided their organizations through transformations in artificial intelligence (AI) and ESG, among other large-scale … Continue reading IPR Top 15 Insights of 2023

executive outlook asia pacific

PRovoke Media studied ESG, DEI, and budget trends in communication functions across Asia-Pacific. A survey of more than 120 senior in-house communications executives across the APAC region was conducted during the second quarter of 2023. Key findings include: 1.) 54% of respondents expressed high confidence levels in their businesses over the next 12 months. — … Continue reading The Executive Outlook on Communication in Asia-Pacific

AI Trends

Davis+Gilbert analyzed corporate trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices. A survey of 182 respondents was conducted as well a collection of data on mergers and acquisitions based on publicly available deal activity. Key findings include: 1.) 45% of organizations used AI to create written content, followed by using AI … Continue reading How the PR Industry Follows AI Trends