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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Summary Employees use anonymous social media channels to share company-related content, such as their ideas and opinions about their employers and their working environment. This behavior has become a double-edged sword for organizations because employees can share both positive and negative messages about them. … Continue reading De-motivating Employees’ Negative Communication Behaviors on Anonymous Social Media: The Role of Public Relations

Author(s), Title and Publication Chen, Z. F., Hong, C., & Occa, A. (2019). How different CSR dimensions impact organization-employee relationships, Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 24(1), 63-78.  doi:10.1108/CCIJ-07-2018-0078 Summary Although corporate social responsibility (CSR) has attracted growing attention among researchers and organizations, the impact of CSR on organizations’ internal climates and stakeholders such as their employees … Continue reading How Different CSR Dimensions Impact Organization-Employee Relationships

In this blog, the author addresses the need for storytelling in transforming organizations from within. He discusses approaches internal communicators can take to create a culture of storytelling that inside organizations. Consider these stories. A CEO on a companywide webcast shares a recent action where he has asked a senior leader to leave the business … Continue reading Building a storytelling culture in organizations with internal communications

Author(s), Title and Publication Lee, Y., Mazzei, A., & Kim, J. N. (2018). Looking for motivational routes for employee-generated innovation: Employees’ scouting behavior. Journal of Business Research, 91, 286-294. doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2018.06.022 Summary It has been largely believed that organizational innovation comes from the outside in, primarily from investments in technology or research and development (R&D) functions. … Continue reading Looking for Motivational Routes for Employee-Generated Innovation: Employees’ Scouting Behavior