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Summary Industry research reveals how teleworking is essential for business today. Research suggests nearly one quarter of workers in the USA engage in telework and a majority of employees would change jobs if the change allowed them to work more from home. Yet, even with this growing interest in remote work, scholars have overlooked a … Continue reading How To Communicate Role Expectations in a Coworking Office

In this blog, the author addresses the need for storytelling in transforming organizations from within. He discusses approaches internal communicators can take to create a culture of storytelling that inside organizations. Consider these stories. A CEO on a companywide webcast shares a recent action where he has asked a senior leader to leave the business … Continue reading Building a storytelling culture in organizations with internal communications

Topic: Employee Trust and Leadership Communications Author(s), Title and Publication Chua, R. Y. J., Ingram, P., & Morris, M. W. (2008). From the head and the heart: Locating cognition-and affect-based trust in managers’ professional networks. Academy of Management Journal, 51(3), 436-452. Summary This article investigated when a manager trusts his or her professional network members … Continue reading From the Head and the Heart: Locating Cognition And Affect Based Trust in Managers’ Professional Networks.

Topic: Employee Silence and Upward Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Milliken, F. J., Morrison, E. W., & Hewlin, P. F. (2003). An Exploratory Study of Employee Silence: Issues that Employees Don’t Communicate Upward and Why. Journal of Management Studies, 40(6), 1453-1476. Summary Research shows that employees often feel uncomfortable speaking to their bosses about organizational … Continue reading An Exploratory Study of Employee Silence: Issues that Employees Don’t Communicate Upward and Why