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Those of us who communicate for a living are in the business of influence. We shape the reputations of our organizations, the narratives coming from leaders’ mouths, and — critically — the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. But today, we seek influence in a media and information landscape of unprecedented complexity. One … Continue reading Who has Influence in Organizations?

In partnership with Ragan’s PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career.  “We should go to the Maldives together.” That is not a sentence one would expect to hear a few minutes into a conversation with a previously unknown colleague at a conference. Yet that … Continue reading How We Did It: How Data-Driven Storytelling Can Take You Around the World

In partnership with PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. As a passionate public relations professional, I am always evaluating new ideas and business models that benefit our clients and inspire creativity and growth. Thus, I am an eager seeker of research on target … Continue reading How We Did It: Adding Storytelling to Technology in Developing “Innovation Relations”

In this blog, the author addresses the need for storytelling in transforming organizations from within. He discusses approaches internal communicators can take to create a culture of storytelling that inside organizations. Consider these stories. A CEO on a companywide webcast shares a recent action where he has asked a senior leader to leave the business … Continue reading Building a storytelling culture in organizations with internal communications

Topic: Corporate Culture Author(s), Title and Publication Jarnagin, C., & Slocum Jr., J. W. (2007). Creating Corporate Cultures Through Mythopoeic Leadership. Organizational Dynamics, 36(3), 288-302. Summary This essay introduced the concept of Mythopoeic Leadership as a framework for leaders to develop a robust corporate culture that drives employees to consistently make heroic efforts. Culture has … Continue reading Creating Corporate Cultures Through Mythopoeic Leadership