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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center based on the original study in the International Journal of Business Communication. Summary This study examined how a nonprofit organization’s identity is co-constructed via communication among managers, staff, and those served by the nonprofit. The author defined organizational identity as organizational members’ communication about who … Continue reading An Ethnography of a Transgender Nonprofit Organization’s Communication

The study reported on in this article represents an attempt to assess the ethicality of undisclosed ghost blogging. There has been considerable debate on the blogs of public relations practitioners about whether undisclosed ghost blogging is ethical, including a recent survey of practitioners where most respondents expressed approval of undisclosed ghost blogging, provided that the … Continue reading What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting

Summary This exploratory qualitative case study examines the role of participatory media in nonprofit public relations. Through a case study of the “It Gets Better Project,” this research examines how nonprofit organizations can provide a platform for publics to amplify their voices, and in turn how publics can work to carry forth the message of … Continue reading Advocacy and Amplification: Nonprofit Outreach and Empowerment Through Participatory Media