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IPR is featuring some of the many Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) pioneers who had an impact on the field of public relations in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month.  Philip Vera Cruz (1904-1994) was a Filipino American who advocated for labor rights and led several social justice initiatives for agricultural workers. After immigrating to America … Continue reading Pioneer Philip Vera Cruz (1904-1994)

With the social, economic, and technological transformations sweeping the globe, companies and their leaders are challenged to harness disruption and innovation in a rapidly changing environment. In the midst of complexity and chaos, determining how to attract, retain, motivate, and engage talent has become a pressing issue for global business leaders. Workplace dynamics and culture … Continue reading It’s the Best Time for Internal Communicators!

Summary This exploratory qualitative case study examines the role of participatory media in nonprofit public relations. Through a case study of the “It Gets Better Project,” this research examines how nonprofit organizations can provide a platform for publics to amplify their voices, and in turn how publics can work to carry forth the message of … Continue reading Advocacy and Amplification: Nonprofit Outreach and Empowerment Through Participatory Media