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Walden, Justin (2018). Guiding the conversation: A study of PR practitioner expectations for nonnominated employees’ social media use. Corporate Communications- An International Journal, 23(3), 423-437. Summary This study examined the delicate line that strategic communicators must walk when engaging with their organizations’ frontline employees online. Although practitioners and scholars have long suggested that employees can … Continue reading Guiding the Conversation: A Study of PR Practitioner Expectations for Non-Nominated Employees’ Social Media Use

Citation Ciszek, Erica., & Logan, Nneka. (2018). Challenging the dialogic promise: how Ben & Jerry’s support for Black Lives Matter fosters dissensus on social media. Journal of Public Relations Research, 30(3), 115-127. Summary Scholars have continually used dialogic principles to examine whether social media is dialogic. Extant public relations literature on social media, however, demonstrates … Continue reading Challenging the Dialogic Promise: How Ben & Jerry’s Support for Black Lives Matter Fosters Dissensus on Social Media

Liu, Wenlin, Lai, Chih-Hui & Xu, Weiai (2018). Tweeting about emergency: A semantic network analysis of government organizations’ social media messaging during Hurricane Harvey. Public Relations Review, 41(5), 807-819. Summary The current study examined how government and emergency management organizations respond to the public on Twitter during a natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. Across the three … Continue reading Tweeting about Emergency: Social Media Messaging during Hurricane Harvey

Smith, Brian G., Smith, Staci, B., & Knighton, Devin (2018). Social media dialogues in a crisis: A mixed-methods approach to identifying publics on social media. Public Relations Review, 44, 562–573. Summary Despite the promise of social media to engender dialogue, research commonly prioritizes monologue—analyzing the strategies organizations use in targeting publics. This is especially the … Continue reading Social Media Dialogues in a Crisis: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Identifying Publics on Social Media

Wang, Ruoxu & Huang, Yan (2018). Communicating corporate social responsibility on social media: Effects of CSR strategy and source on stakeholders’ perceptions. Corporate Communications: An International Journal. 23(3), 326-341. Summary This study examined the effects of message source (CEO’s social media account vs. organization’s social media account) and different types of the corporate social responsibility … Continue reading Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Media

Lee, Nicole M. & Seltzer, Trent. C. (2018). Vicarious interaction: The role of observed online exchanges in fostering organization-public relationships. Journal of Communication Management, 22, 262-279. doi:10.1108/JCOM-11-2017-0129 Summary This study introduces the term ‘vicarious interaction’ and explores how online interaction with an organization affects not only those users participating in the exchange, but also those … Continue reading Vicarious Interaction: The Role of Observed Online Exchanges in Fostering Organization-Public Relationships

Hwang, Geumchan. (2017). An Examination of Crisis Response in Professional Athlete Scandals: A Sport Fan’s Perspective. International Journal of Crisis Communication, 1(2), 64-71. Summary This study investigated the influence of athlete celebrity scandals on a sport fan’s attitude and behavioral intention, and a sport fan’s reaction to athlete celebrity’s media response after the scandal. Athlete … Continue reading An Examination of Crisis Response in Professional Athlete Scandals

Lou, Chen, and Alhabash, Saleem. (2018). Understanding non-profit and for-profit social marketing on social media: The case of anti-texting while driving. Journal of Promotion Management, 24(4), 484-510. Summary Previous studies suggest that consumers tend to infer more negative motives of for-profit sponsorship on social cause than to non-profits. The current study is aimed at identifying potential effective … Continue reading Understanding Non-profit and For-profit Social Marketing on Social Media

Plowman, Kenneth D., Wilson, Christopher (2018). Strategy and tactics in strategic communication: Examining their intersection with social media use. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 12(2). 125-144. Summary While public relations industry leaders have proposed a strategic approach to social media, industry research has found that social media practices may be more tactical than strategic. Likewise, … Continue reading Strategy and Tactics in Strategic Communication: Examining their Intersection with Social Media Use

Tsai, Wan-Hsiu Sunny, and Men, Rita Linjuan (2018). Social messengers as the new frontier of organization-public engagement: A WeChat study. Public Relations Review, 44(3), 419-429. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pubrev.2018.04.004 Summary Mobile-based social messengers have overtaken social networking sites as the new frontier for organizations to engage online stakeholders. Focusing on WeChat, one of the world’s most popular social messaging … Continue reading Social Messengers are the New Frontier of Organization-Public Engagement

Valenzuela, Sebastián, Teresa Correa, and Homero Gil de Zúñiga (2018). “Ties, likes, and tweets: Using strong and weak ties to explain differences in protest participation across Facebook and Twitter use.” Political Communication, 35(1), 117-134. Summary This article argues that different social media platforms influence political participation through unique, yet complementary, routes. More specifically, it proposes … Continue reading Likes vs. Tweets: Differences in Protest Participation Across Facebook and Twitter

Johnson, Erika Katherine, & Hong, Seoyeon Celine (Winter 2015). Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution? Public Relations Journal, 9(4). Summary This study analyzed comments in response to a corrective action statement from Nike on its Facebook page. The results revealed that effortful involvement … Continue reading Social Media as a Loudspeaker for Nike: Can Image Repair Communication on Facebook Impact Emotion and Responsibility Attribution?

Agozzino, Alisa (2015). Dialogic communication through “pinning”: An analysis of top 10 most-followed organizations’ Pinterest profiles. Public Relations Journal, 9 (3). Summary The current study aims to explore how the top 10 most-followed organizations on Pinterest (defined by Mashable) build relationships through the dialogical communication framework. The study seeks to determine the dialogic features present … Continue reading Dialogic Communication Through “Pinning”: An Analysis of Top 10 Most-Followed Organizations’ Pinterest Profiles.