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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. James Ndone examined how negative employee-organization relationships impacted an organization’s internal reputation and its employees’ negative emotions as well as unsupportive behavior during a crisis. Negative employee-organization relationships (NEOR) were manifested by distrust, dissatisfaction, control dominance (how an organization intentionally neglected and controlled … Continue reading How Negative Employee-Organization Relationships Affect Employees’ Reactions to Crisis

In partnership with PRNEWS, “Lessons Earned” is a series featuring IPR Trustees and affiliates discussing a hard-fought lesson or triumph that helped to mold or change their career. Timed for Pride Month, this latest edition features lessons assistant professor Joseph Czabovsky of the University of North Carolina learned about PR during a funeral. It was one … Continue reading Lessons Earned: A Moment at a Funeral Taught Me Everything About PR

In partnership with PR News, “Lessons Earned” is a series featuring IPR Trustees sharing a difficult lesson. So many PR leaders focus on how to beat the competition within the highly competitive PR industry. Yet I wouldn’t be where I am without a little help from my friends. Sometimes, those friends are also considered the competition. … Continue reading Lessons Earned: When the Competition is Your Friend

In partnership with PR News, “Lessons Earned” is a series featuring IPR Trustees sharing a difficult lesson. If I had a dollar for every business mistake I’ve committed, I’d be sitting atop the Forbes 400 list. Alas, based upon my multiple failures, I’m lucky to be standing at all. But, as is the case with most of … Continue reading Lessons Earned: When Believing the Client’s Promise Goes Wrong

Chung, Angie. (2018). Examining the effectiveness of using CSR communication in apology statements after bad publicity. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 23(3), 357-376. Summary The purpose of this study is to contribute to understanding the effects of framing apology statements with corporate social responsibility (CSR) communications after a company has suffered negative publicity. Specifically, this … Continue reading Examining the Effectiveness of Using CSR Communication in Apology Statements After Bad Publicity