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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Both internal and external publics are increasingly expecting and demanding organizations and their leaders to act ethically and serve all stakeholders’ needs. Not surprisingly, servant leadership, which suggests that leaders should prioritize ethical behavior and the well-being of their followers, customers, and community … Continue reading Servant Leadership: The Key to Empowered and Supportive Employees

Topic: Supervisor Communication; Digital Communication in the Workplace Authors, Title and Publication Hill, N., Kang, J., & Seo, M. (2014). The interactive effect of leader–member exchange and electronic communication on employee psychological empowerment and work outcomes. Leadership Quarterly, 25(4), 772-783. Summary The growth in virtual work arrangements and the increased availability of information and communication technologies have … Continue reading The Interactive Effect of Leader–Member Exchange and Electronic Communication on Employee Psychological Empowerment and Work Outcomes

Topic: Supervisory Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Fransen, M. L., & ter Hoeven, C. L. (2011). Matching the message: The role of regulatory fit in negative managerial communication. Communication Research. Summary This study examined whether managers could communicate bad news effectively by fitting the message into employees’ regulatory focus (promotion orientation, and prevention orientation). According … Continue reading Matching the message: The role of regulatory fit in negative managerial communication