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Author(s), Title and Publication Binyamin, G., & Brender-Ilan, Y. (2018). Leaders’ language and employee proactivity: Enhancing psychological meaningfulness and vitality. European Management Journal, 36(4), 463-473. doi:10.1016/j.emj.2017.09.004 Summary The continuous pressure for improvement and adaption to technological, structural and strategic changes in the work environment, combined with increasing decentralization, has intensified the need for individual proactivity. Previous … Continue reading Leaders’ Language and Employee Proactivity: Enhancing Psychological Meaningfulness and Vitality

Topic: Leader Communication; Culture and Values Authors, Title and Publication Jing, F., Avery, G., & Bergsteiner, H. (2014). Enhancing performance in small professional firms through vision communication and sharing. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31(2), 599-620. Summary Research has suggested that when leaders work with a vision, a variety of important outcomes at the individual, group, and … Continue reading Enhancing Performance in Small Professional Firms through Vision Communication and Sharing

Summary Job-related stress has become a common experience for employees in today’s workplace. Some significant stressors in the work environment are role ambiguity, role conflict, and role overload. Role ambiguity refers to the extent to which an organizational member is unclear about responsibilities, expectations, and evaluations related to his or her position. Role conflict is … Continue reading Revisiting the Association of LMX Quality with Perceived Role Stressors: Evidence for Inverted Relationships among Immigrant Employees

Topic: Supervisor Communication; Digital Communication in the Workplace Authors, Title and Publication Hill, N., Kang, J., & Seo, M. (2014). The interactive effect of leader–member exchange and electronic communication on employee psychological empowerment and work outcomes. Leadership Quarterly, 25(4), 772-783. Summary The growth in virtual work arrangements and the increased availability of information and communication technologies have … Continue reading The Interactive Effect of Leader–Member Exchange and Electronic Communication on Employee Psychological Empowerment and Work Outcomes

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Topic: Motivating Language and Employee Absenteeism Author(s), Title and Publication Mayfield, J., & Mayfield, M. (2009). The Role of Leader Motivating Language in Employee Absenteeism. Journal of Business Communication, 46(4), 455-479. Summary Research has found that about 52 percent of employee absences are discretionary. These avoidable absences are the result of factors such as stress … Continue reading The Role of Leader Motivating Language in Employee Absenteeism

Topic: Best Practices in Employee Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Gay, C., Mahoney, M., & Graves, J. (2005). Best practices in employee communication: A study of global challenges and approaches. San Francisco: IABC Research Foundation. Summary This comprehensive study identified four primary challenges facing employee communicators. The project included a review of case studies, interviews … Continue reading Best practices in employee communication: A study of global challenges and approaches