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The field of public relations (PR) is strongly concerned with questions surrounding the management of organizations’ identity, relationships, legitimacy, reputation, or trust. At the same time, these concerns rest on one fundamental baseline assumption: that organizations are collective actors in the first place; as proverbial corporate citizens, they engage, build stakeholder relationships, act (ir)responsibly, etc. … Continue reading Treating the Collective Actorhood of Organizations as a Variable: Implications for PR

In my earlier post, “Networks and the Complex Role of PR – Part I,” I wrote about network analysis and how public relations has often been left out of the stakeholder management mainstream literature. Focusing on communicative networks and the governance of relationships within the network organization, I offered the concept of “communicative equations” as … Continue reading Communicative Equations: Networks & PR Part II

Oscar Suris Pledges Support to Standards

Institute for Public Relations Distinguished Keynote Speech by Oscar Suris Wells Fargo & Company Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications Institute for Public Relations Board of Trustees Co-Chair May 15, 2014, Lotos Club, New York City On behalf of Wells Fargo, Executive Vice President Oscar Suris publicly pledged support to the standards created by … Continue reading Reputation: What Brings P.R. & Research Together

Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance [Falconi Book]

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Topic: Trust and Organization-Stakeholder Relationship Management Author(s), Title and Publication Welch, M. (2006). Rethinking relationship management: Exploring the dimension of trust. Journal of Communication Management, 10(2), 138-155. Summary This qualitative study broadened existing views on relationship management by exploring the dimension of trust. A review of previous research relating to relationship management found that though … Continue reading Rethinking relationship management: Exploring the dimension of trust

Topic: Supervisory Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Fransen, M. L., & ter Hoeven, C. L. (2011). Matching the message: The role of regulatory fit in negative managerial communication. Communication Research. Summary This study examined whether managers could communicate bad news effectively by fitting the message into employees’ regulatory focus (promotion orientation, and prevention orientation). According … Continue reading Matching the message: The role of regulatory fit in negative managerial communication

When the boundary between work and life gets blurred, employees can easily get frustrated and burned out. Often times, employees are encouraged to become smart “problem solvers,” coping with stress and imbalance on their own. However, individual coping is never sufficient even when it is effective. So, what are the jigsaw puzzle pieces organizations may … Continue reading Work vs. Life for Employees: Is Your Business Part of the Solution?

PDF: An Examination of the Validity, Reliability and Best Practices, Related to the Proposed Standards for Traditional Media David Geddes, Ph.D., Julie O’Neil, Ph.D, and Marianne Eisenmann, MBA, received the Jackson-Sharpe Award for this 2014 International Public Relations Research Conference submission. Abstract:At the 16th Annual IPRRC in March 2013 the researchers presented the first phase … Continue reading An Examination of the Validity, Reliability and Best Practices Related to the Proposed Standards for Traditional Media (Jackson-Sharpe Award Winner)