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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. Summary Scholars have recognized the power of the identity perspective in helping understand employees’ loyalty, motivations, and behaviors. Although organizational identification has received much attention in employee-related investigations, a newer concept, identity fusion, has also recently been examined in organizational contexts. Researchers have proposed the … Continue reading Symmetrical Internal Communication Improves Employee Engagement

This blog is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially reshaped the workplace, especially in terms of working remotely. This reshaping has induced many changes. For instance, employee shortage is prevalent: more than 47 million employees in the U.S. quit their jobs in 2021. This situation (known as the … Continue reading Authentic Leadership is a Skill in the Great Resignation

Summary When Bill Gates published and copyrighted his bestseller Business @ the Speed of Thought, readers did not protest upon thumbing a few pages in to see that the book was authored “with Collins Hemingway.” Likewise, for Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In (with Nell Scovell) or Howard Schultz’s Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without … Continue reading How CEO “Ghost-Posting” Affects Employee Perceptions on Leadership, Transparency, and Relationships

This blog is presented by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center. You need look no further than Brexit to see why effective leadership communication matters. Between them, the heads of the UK’s two main political parties have been described as robotic, opaque, nebulous, indecisive and invisible. Opinion polls say neither’s got what it takes to be … Continue reading It’s Time to Get Real About Authentic Leadership Communication

Authors, Title and Publication Men, L. R., & Stacks, D. W. (2014). The effects of authentic leadership on strategic internal communication and employee-organization relationships. Journal of Public Relations Research, 26(4), 301-324. Summary Organizational leadership influences strategic internal communication in several ways. First, leadership influences organizational infrastructures, such as the development of organizational culture, structure, and communication … Continue reading The Effects of Authentic Leadership on Strategic Internal Communication and Employee-Organization Relationships

Topic: Leadership Communication Author(s), Title and Publication Liu, H. (2010). When leaders fail: A typology of failures and framing strategies. Management Communication Quarterly, 24(2), 232-259. Summary This study presents a typology of leadership failures by analyzing related media reports. The researcher analyzed newspaper articles, press conference transcripts, and interviews about eight CEOs from Australian-listed companies, … Continue reading When Leaders Fail: A Typology of Failures and Framing Strategies