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 This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center based on the original study. Dr. Weiting Tao and colleagues examined how workplace dialogic communication about COVID-19 vaccination influenced employees’ intention to advocate for the vaccine to people in their personal and professional networks. Workplace dialogic communication requires open exchange of information, thoughts, and … Continue reading Workplace Chatter Can Promote Employee Advocacy for COVID-19 Vaccination

This abstract is summarized by IPR from the original journal article published in the Public Relations Journal. Katie R. Place, Ph.D. explored digital, social, and mobile public relations efforts with low-income publics to best meet their complex and evolving dialogic engagement needs.   The author conducted an exploratory, qualitative study consisting of 39 interviews of … Continue reading Exploring Digital, Social and Mobile Dialogic Engagement with Low-Income Publics

Think about the last time you were in a situation where you were unsure if the person you were talking to was truly listening to what you had to say. Were you talking to a colleague or maybe a partner or a supervisor? And did their nonverbal cues demonstrate a lack of active listening? How … Continue reading How Do We Learn to Actively Listen? A Challenge to All of Us to be More Present with our Dialogic Partners