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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center The Survey Center on American Life analyzed how Americans’ work plays a role in their self identity and explored whether work gives people a sense of purpose. A survey of 5,037 American adults was conducted in June 2022. Key findings include: 1.) 81% of … Continue reading Identity and Fit in the Workplace

This summary is provided by the IPR ESG and Purpose Research Library based on the original study WE Communications examined stakeholders’ expectations for corporate purpose initiatives. An online survey of 100,000+ consumers and business-decision makers across the globe was conducted in 2022. Key findings include:— 70% of respondents said they prefer that companies focus multiyear … Continue reading How Can Brands Lead Successful Purpose Initiatives?

Summary The COVID-19 pandemic drove many companies to reevaluate their approach to business. As a result, some focused their efforts on leading with purpose. Purpose is an organization’s fundamental goal that goes beyond profit maximization. It is an all-encompassing principle that guides everything the organization does and determines its strategies. Effective strategic communication is an … Continue reading Purpose-Driven Organizations Show Greater Employee Trust, Among Other Benefits

While the world is focused on the ‘Great Resignation,’ there is an increased need for communicators and leaders to be mindful of the ‘Great Realization’ – a trend in which employees are re-examining the way they choose their places of work and find professional and personal fulfillment. It isn’t the benefits, salaries, or policies that … Continue reading Five Internal Communications Trends for 2022 and Beyond

In partnership with Ragan’s PR Daily, “How We Did It” is a series featuring IPR Trustees discussing a success in their public relations career. As a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, we saw first-hand the gradual shut down of business as the COVID-19 pandemic began to evolve from China, to Japan, then Italy, and … Continue reading How We Did It: Enabling Purpose-Driven Culture During the COVID-19 Pandemic