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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is a key issue in modern business practices and has been viewed through various disciplinary lenses. In a corporate setting, managing DE&I involves acknowledging and valuing the diverse attributes that contribute to each employee’s unique identity. These attributes include not only demographic factors like gender, age, and race, but also … Continue reading The Key Role of Internal Communication for DEI in Italy

Dr. Grant Packard and Dr. Jonah Berger analyzed how the use of concrete language shaped consumer behavior and satisfaction. Concrete language was defined as the use of “specific, tangible, and real” words. An analysis of 200 customer service calls from a large American apparel retailer and 941 customer service interactions from a Canadian multi-channel retailer … Continue reading Consumers Prefer Concrete vs. Abstract Language

Research Readout is a monthly series by the Institute for Public Relations and Ragan’s PR Daily spotlighting new and important research that every PR professional should know. Research from Dr. Nneka Logan, associate professor at Virginia Tech, offers a new theory on how the business community can take responsibility for its role in the discussion … Continue reading Research Readout: Critical Race Theory has a Role to Play in Business Communications and PR

I’m in the midst of a great pedagogical adventure.  I’m teaching the language of business to public relations majors.  I began my career as a financial analyst in the oil industry.  When I later transitioned into public relations and studied it as a grad student, I noticed how my business background frequently put me in … Continue reading Teaching Business as a Second Language

Topic: Research, Science-Practice Knowledge Transfer Author(s), Title and Publication Latham, G. P. (2007). A speculative perspective on the transfer of behavioral science findings to the workplace: “The times they are a-changing”. Academy of Management Journal, 50(5), 1027-1032. Summary This article does not describe a research project but rather is a provocative essay regarding a long-time … Continue reading A speculative perspective on the transfer of behavioral science findings to the workplace: “The times they are a-changing”