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This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. Pok Man Tang and colleagues’ study examined how employees felt after spending considerable time during their workday interacting with artificial intelligence (AI). The researchers proposed that the more workers interacted with artificial intelligence during their work life, the stronger they would feel the … Continue reading How AI Impacts Employee Social Behavior

Dr. Grant Packard and Dr. Jonah Berger analyzed how the use of concrete language shaped consumer behavior and satisfaction. Concrete language was defined as the use of “specific, tangible, and real” words. An analysis of 200 customer service calls from a large American apparel retailer and 941 customer service interactions from a Canadian multi-channel retailer … Continue reading Consumers Prefer Concrete vs. Abstract Language

This summary is provided by the IPR Organizational Communication Research Center Dr. Jian Peng, Dr. Qi Nie, and Dr. Yucong Cheng examined how team abusive supervision created team distrust in the supervisor and eventually induced team behavioral resistance to organizational change. Researchers collected three-wave survey data from 124 teams in four organizations that were part … Continue reading Why do Teams Exhibit Behavioral Resistance to Change? Examining the Negative Impact of Team Abusive Supervision

This summary is provided by the IPR ESG & Purpose Research Library. Dr. Karine Lacroix and colleagues examined whether climate change mitigation behaviors at the personal level spills over onto people’s willingness to engage in behaviors at the collective level. A series of three surveys were conducted. Survey 1 consisted of 1,037 U.S. adults and was … Continue reading Does Personal Climate Change Mitigation Behavior Influence Collective Behavior?