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Dr. Grant Packard and Dr. Jonah Berger analyzed how the use of concrete language shaped consumer behavior and satisfaction. Concrete language was defined as the use of “specific, tangible, and real” words. An analysis of 200 customer service calls from a large American apparel retailer and 941 customer service interactions from a Canadian multi-channel retailer … Continue reading Consumers Prefer Concrete vs. Abstract Language

Morning Consult analyzed Gen Z’s consumption habits, preferred brands, platforms, and forms of entertainment. A study of 2,205 U.S. adults was conducted from February 17-19, 2023. Key findings include: — 56% of Gen Z respondents said they prefer to buy from companies that reflect their social values, compared to:—- 59% of Millennials —- 61% of … Continue reading Majority of Gen Z Buys from Companies with Same Social Values

Morning Consult discovered the companies and products that consumers trust in 2022.  Two datasets were analyzed: Research Intelligence and Brand Intelligence. The Research Intelligence dataset was gathered from April 8-14, 2022, with a sample of over 11,000 people across 10 countries. The Brand Intelligence dataset was gathered March 3-April 3, 2022, among representative samples of … Continue reading How Much Does Trust Affect Consumer Decisions About Brands?

Cen April Yue and colleagues explored the effects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) or corporate social irresponsibility (CSI) on consumer responses. Two experiments were conducted on 361 U.S. adult consumers and 291 U.S. adult consumers respectively. The first examined consumer responses to CSR and CSI when they occurred separately. The second explored the impact of … Continue reading The joint effect of corporate social irresponsibility and social responsibility on consumer outcomes

This summary is provided by the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center Summary In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. As a result, governments implemented lockdown measures to reduce the spread of the virus. This study assessed the effect that COVID-19 had on consumer expenses by examining changes in spending levels. The study … Continue reading How Personality Traits Affected Consumer Behavior During COVID-19