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Asian Streaming Representation

USC Annenberg and Gold House analyzed the portrayal of Asian characters in TV and film. The study reviewed a sample of 99 major Asian characters and the 73 titles (TV episodes and films) in which they appeared across 39 TV series and films streamed in 2022. Key findings include: 1.) 82% of Asian characters were … Continue reading Asian Representation in Streaming: Visibility Doesn’t Mean Cultural Specificity

This summary is provided by the IPR Digital Media Research Center. Rachel Son and colleagues analyzed whether audiences were as satisfied with machine-generated script narratives (bot narratives) as they were with scripts written by humans. An online survey of 260 U.S. adults was conducted in May 2023. Key findings include: 1.) Participants’ levels of narrative … Continue reading Do People Prefer Scripts Written by Humans or AI Better?

Morning Consult analyzed Gen Z’s consumption habits, preferred brands, platforms, and forms of entertainment. A study of 2,205 U.S. adults was conducted from February 17-19, 2023. Key findings include: — 56% of Gen Z respondents said they prefer to buy from companies that reflect their social values, compared to:—- 59% of Millennials —- 61% of … Continue reading Majority of Gen Z Buys from Companies with Same Social Values

This blog is based on the original journal article in the Public Relations Journal. The Public Relations Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal presented by the Institute for Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America Disclaimer: The conclusions and opinions expressed in this study represent the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views … Continue reading Painting a Picture of the U.S. Military: Lessons from Public Affairs Officers